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Sacre Bleu! Soccer Superstar Thierry Henry Buys Penthouse

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In a quiet transaction, French soccer superstar and recent addition to the storied New York Red Bulls franchise Thierry Henry has purchased a penthouse at Soho's 39 Crosby Street. Henry paid $9 million for #5NPHN and a parking space on the Broome Street side of the building. The sellers, Daniel and Lisa Malloy, picked up #5N, perhaps just part of this apartment, for $3,065,248 in 2007. UPDATE: A commenter has found a listing for the 39 Crosby penthouse. Photos and floorplans now in the gallery above. Goooooooal?

UPDATE 2: The Wall Street Journal reports that Henry will actually be paying a total of $14.85 million once a tenant moves out and he finishes purchasing the penthouse's third floor.
· Sale: 39 Crosby Street [ACRIS]
· Listing: 39 Crosby Street [CCRNY]