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Upper West Side, DoBro Don't Want Four-Legged Friends

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The condo board of the Upper West Side's One Lincoln Plaza will vote tonight on whether it hates puppies: the board's considering a bunch of new dog rules, including a ban on Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, and pit bulls and a requirement that dogs must ride in the service elevator, the Daily News reports. Dogs will also be required to wear ID tags, leading one building French bulldog owner to call the condo board a "dog-hating regime." Maybe they should just interview the dogs before move-in, co-op style.
If One Lincoln residents flee, one alternative neighborhood they won't want to check out is DoBro, where Community Board 2 just said no to a proposal for a dog run, according to The Brooklyn Paper. Why? Because dogs are just another sign of the too-rapid gentrification of DoBro. "Boerum Hill has been waiting for a dog run for more than 20 years," said one CB 2 member. "Why do we have to cater to all the new people and their dogs coming in?" Maybe if Boerum Hill had more dog showers, new people and their dogs would move there, too.
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