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New Sites Crowdsource Local News, Rents

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We've been keeping an eye out for the official launch of crowdsourced/aggregated Manhattan news source NearSay since the site made some claims about the effect of fake handbags on sales at Soho Mews. Launch day is here, and with some coverage in the Journal, NearSay joins DNAinfo on the hyperlocal news dance floor. Coverage of Manhattan's top half and other boroughs to come later this year and in 2011.

Turning the power of crowdsourcing onto the Manhattan rental market is another newbie, ApartmentHero, which is still in its data collection beta phase. The site is trying to build a database of the rents New Yorkers are paying, a concept that had us somewhat skeptical given how much rental apartment stock can vary within buildings and neighborhoods. But the survey asks for some pretty specific data on amenities, elevators, and blocks from the subway, which gives us some hope for the results.
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