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Damon Dash's Ex-Wife Chooses to Ignore Tribeca Foreclosure

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Why let a little foreclosure auction spoil a nice living setup? No reason! At least not if you're Rachel Roy, designer and ex-wife of Damon Dash. The former hip hop mogul's money woes led to a foreclosure auction in July on his two apartments at 25 North Moore Street and 79 Laight Street. The duplex loft at 25 North Moore's The Atalanta sold for $5.5 million, but the buyer tells the Observer he's still waiting for Roy to clear out. Giving tenants the boot is the buyer's responsibility under the foreclosure auction's terms of sale, so One Platinum Company LLC will be taking Roy to court tomorrow. In the meantime, maybe she can get some squatter success tips from this guy.
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25 North Moore Street

25 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013