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Big Brooklyn Project to Supersize the Navy Yard's Neighborhood

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If an old Navy yard can be turned into a thriving hub of progressive industry, then an old prison across the street can be transformed into glitzy new residences. In the New Brooklyn, anything is possible! Today Navy Green, a mixed-use project in the Fort Greene/Wallabout no-man's-land near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, will have a formal groundbreaking ceremony. The jail on the 103,000-square-foot site is long gone, and in its place will rise retail space, community facilities and 455 residential units. The housing will bring quite a diverse crowd.

According to co-developer L+M Development Partners, the units will be a mix of supportive housing, affordable rentals, mixed-income co-ops and market-rate town homes. (UPDATE: Here's more on the breakdown.) Navy Green will have some open space for residents to mingle, but we're betting the new ShopRite becomes the de facto town square. The site, a full square block, is friggin' huge. Here's how it looks in an old Google Street View shot:

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