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184 Kent Dries Out; Degraw Street's Smell Test

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WILLIAMSBURG?A happy ending to the saga of the 184 Kent renter with the brand new soggy floors: They've been fixed! Success! Well, for the most part. Our tipster writes: "The color of the wood is slightly off - but it looks a lot better." [CurbedWire Inbox]

COBBLE HILL?So they've started digging that big hole on Degraw Street and Tompkins Place that is part of the whole Gowanus Canal cleanup thing. It's going to be there for 26 months, and possibly smell really bad. (The other Degraw hole, over in the Columbia Street Waterfront District, reeks.) A high-ranking Curbed correspondent reports that the new Degraw hole does not, in fact, smell bad. Yet. [CurbedWire Staff]

184 Kent

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