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Undies-Wearing Army Invades Soho; Nolita's Pop-Up Mecca; More!

And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Some Soho residents weren't too pleased when the shirtless Hollister employees showed up on Broadway, so we're guessing they were totally P.O.'d when a bunch of undies-wearing kids showed up at Desigual today to get free clothes.

2) UES: Check out the crazy design of the new Tea and Honey Store on Lexington Avenue, designed by Guy Reziciner to resemble a giant honeycomb. Mission accomplished, Guy!

3) The storefront at 201 Mulberry Street is becoming the go-to pop-up shop location for retailers. After hosting Ikea, a World Cup store and more, indie music retailer Insound is the latest to set up inside for a temporary period of time.

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