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Check Out the Floorplan That Gets Brokers All Hot and Bothered

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Does this floorplan make you foam at the mouth like a rabid rottweiler? If so, stop harassing founder George Hobica! Hobica bought the 51st-floor condo in West 56th Street 's Park Imperial in the summer of 2009, and right after closing, he tells the Post he kept getting calls out of the blue from real estate brokers asking him if he wanted to sell the 1,600-square-foot pad. What's so special about this place?

It's the rare 3BR with all of its windows facing Central Park. Max Gross writes that the "brokers who had tracked him down had clients who had seen his floor plan — and they wanted it." But Hobica has resisted the temptation to flip, and here's the peculiar part: For such a hot commodity, he paid $3.2 million, $700k less than the asking price. Like an In-N-Out Burger and key to Gramercy Park, guess people just want what they can't have.
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Park Imperial

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