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New Look Revealed for New York City's First Gay Hotel

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When unveiling the concept of New York City's first gay hotel, there really is no better forum to turn to than the legendary Michael Musto's Village Voice column. And so this week Musto has quite the reveal on The Out NYC complex, which is the former homeless shelter and budget inn on far West 42nd Street that is undergoing a facelift and a new marketing approach centered around Hell's Kitchen's rising gayborhood status. We've already heard about the massive dance club and undulating hallways planned inside, but it turns out there were was much more hiding in the closet.

The 127-room hotel portion of the "gay urban resort" is an Axel Hotel, part of a global chain of gay boutiques. In addition to the Richard Serra-inspired hallways, some of the sculptor's actual work will be in the lobby. Other art includes a huge nude photo that gets revealed as the elevator goes up, not to mention the living, breathing art installation that comes with giving Amanda Lepore a free room for life. Some unknowing Times Square tourists are in for quite the surprise at check-in!

In addition to the xl Dance Bar (capacity: 1,200), café, restaurant and shops, there will also be a spa and glass-covered pool area with cabanas, and a covered courtyard for receptions and, one day, gay weddings. And finally, Musto brings us the reveal of the building's new facade, which used to be covered in rocks. It was worth the wait! The windows are arranged to spell "OUT." Here's the before-and-after comparison. Faaabulous?

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