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Brits Turn NYC Neighborhoods Into Weird Bagel Sandwiches

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New York City has a tradition of bagel-making that dates back to Jewish immigrants flooding the Lower East Side and filling the tenement apartments that would one day be rented for $2,000 a month, so we understand why a bagel stand at Heathrow Airport in London?spotted by Curbed's in-house DJ Mike Nouveau?would capitalize on this proud past. But what is with these non-traditional selections? Bacon and cream cheese ("Harlem Nights")? Sweet chili sauce ("The Soho")? Grilled vegetables ("East Village Veggie")? They almost make us yearn for Germany's NYC cupcakes. Almost. At least there's a shred of authenticity: The Soho is the most expensive one.
· East Village Veggies at Heathrow [@MikeNouveau]