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Is 535 West End Avenue's Latest Cheap Sale a Staff Studio?

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We thought it was all fabulous half-floor and full-floor apartments at sometimes majorly discounted 535 West End Avenue. But a peek at the condo offering plan reveals the apartments get smaller below floor three, and one of those (comparatively) tiny units just sold. That would be #2A, which went for only $1.6 million. According to ACRIS, buyer Barbara Duberstein then deeded it over to the building's board.

Is the apartment a staff studio, 15 CPW-style? We couldn't get any info out of the building reps, and there are no listings for the units on the building's lowest floors. But if they are staff apartments, the pricing lends a little more credence to any lingering theories that this is the new 15 Central Park West. Anyone know more?
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535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY