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Martha Stewart Eyeing Heiress's 42-Room Fifth Avenue Pad?

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As the saga of reclusive 104-year-old heiress and real estate collector Huguette Clark continues, don't pretend like you haven't been wondering which wolves have been licking their chops over her 42-room, 15,000-square-foot Fifth Avenue apartment. We pretend no such thing, so we were pretty excited to see The Real Estalker pull up some details from a not-available-online National Enquirer story. Apparently, Clark's pad (actually two unconnected apartments on the eighth and twelfth floors) has at least one very persistent prospective buyer: Martha Stewart. She already owns a smaller place in 907 Fifth Avenue, but what will she do to get Clark's upstairs? Hint in the photo at right.
In one play for the apartment, Martha apparently sent a plate of cream puffs up to Clark's place. And, when they were returned, tried to convince the doorman to reveal the whereabouts of the now-hospitalized Clark. "Martha's already got the whole apartment redecorated in her mind," an "insider" tells the Enquirer. Even taking the rumor with a large grain of salt, Martha sounds like a pretty perfect fit for Clark's spread, so here's hoping this one's true.
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907 Fifth Avenue

907 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021