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NYT Critic Trashes Norman Foster's New Bowery Building

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New York Times art critic Ken Johnson reviews the new Guillermo Kuitca exhibition at the Sperone Westwater Gallery today, and he can't resist saying a few words about the gallery's new Norman Foster-designed home on the Bowery. He's not a big fan! Of the art and the building that houses it. Johnson writes that the lean 257 Bowery is "more toolbox than jewel box," and has an "oddly cheap, low-tech and utilitarian appearance, like that of a discount-furniture emporium." Ouch!

It gets worse from there, but Johnson does have a few kind words for the gallery's big red Moving Room, which he calls the building's "most remarkable feature." But like we said, only a few. "For now," Johnson writes, "the novelty does not seem worth what it must have cost." Catty! And deliciously entertaining! Look out, Nicolai, KJ's on your turf, and he's not afraid to tear down a starchitect!
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Sperone Westwater

257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002