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First Floor Living

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First floor apartments usually get a bad rap for being less safe, quiet and glamorous than their upstairs neighbors. Not so say some brokers, who are emphasizing the value that some people often miss out on due to overlooking first floor residences. They are often cheaper with better layouts and higher ceilings. One broker says "A lot of the time, typically in prewar buildings you'll see third, second and first floor have higher ceiling heights, larger floor plates because typically they are used as doctors offices or other commercial use so now that these are used for residential, you get a lot more bang for your buck" with another adding "When you are on a ground floor unit in comparison to the rest of the units in the building you're going to save a considerable amount of money. In a particular line where you may not have the opportunity to spend 'X' amount of dollars where you would have to pay a 10 percent, 20 percent premium to be on a high floor. So you do get the chance to get into a great building for a lot less." Any readers here living la ground floor vida want to chime in?

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