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In Which We Mull Over High Line's Woodland Flyover

Here are some new construction photos from Phase Two of the High Line's construction which were are contractually obligated to share with you. While we're on the subject, might we solicit your thoughts on Phase Two's signature feature, the Woodland Flyover, which is to run between 24th and 27th Street? (That's it rising from the charred earth below in the above right photograph.) The early conventional wisdom—flames that yes, we might have fanned!—had it that this would be the phase's easy highlight. But seeing it come into existence, it looks a little, shall we say, frail? Fragile? Indeed, is it too soon to declare it a total letdown, the (dare we say it?) water feature of Phase Two? Well, of course it is. And yet—does the thought not now haunt you as it does us?
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