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There's Fungus Among Us at Slummy Flatbush Gardens

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Brooklyn's 59-building Flatbush Gardens complex wanted to be the next Stuy Town, and by that we mean booting longtime rent-stabilized tenants in favor of higher-paying renters. It ended up becoming the next Stuy Town, and by that we mean taking all sorts of heat from those longtime tenants regarding allegations of harassment. Now the Daily News reports that the East Fatbush complex's owner, Clipper Equities, is the 44th member of an exclusive group: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's slumlord list. Here are some punchlist items future tenants might want to take note of:

On a tour last week, the Daily News spotted raw sewage collecting in a basement marred with gang graffiti and bullet holes. Buildings had broken locks, shattered windows and nests of exposed wiring. Several tenants complained of armies of mice and roaches and showed ceilings collapsing from water damage.

One woman has a drip so severe in her bathroom, there are mushrooms growing from her ceiling.

And people are complaining? We thought locally-sourced produce was hot!
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