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Cheapest Brooklyn Studio Gets Good Light and Air, Not Much Else

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

What/Where: A $500-per-month studio apartment near Greenpoint Avenue at Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, North Brooklyn, USA.
Looks Good, Right?: Though we wouldn't wish the G train on anyone, there's not much arguing about the bargain value of a $500 studio apartment in a lively Brooklyn neighborhood. And it's an artist's dream! The ad points out there's private outdoor space for "sculptures and other large projects," and the yard has been used as a performance space. "If you're looking for a quiet sanctuary to do your work," the listing states, "you've found it."
The Catch!: Did we mention it's also a great place to write your anti-technology manifesto and send out explosive devices through the United States Postal Service?

That's right, it's a friggin' shed. An 8' x 10' Rubbermaid "with pink doors resembling a dollhouse," according to the Craigslist listing, which has since been taken down but Gawker has it preserved for eternity. The poor, unfortunate soul who rents the "studio" gets 24-hour access to a kitchen and bathroom in an apartment that opens out onto the yard, so at least there's that. Hey, the DOB's tips for renters never said anything about apartments you can buy at Home Depot!

· Brooklyn's Cheapest Studio Apartment: A Rubber Play House that Rents for $500/Month [Gawker]