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East Harlem Home Was Farmhouse and Church in Previous Lives

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We thought Curbed National's look at an Uptown crack house turned glamorous single-family home would be the most dramatic Harlem townhouse transformation we'd see today. We were wrong! Harlem Bespoke points us to 236 East 111th Street, a former farmhouse and church built in 1898 and turned into two condo units. The units have been kicking around on the market for a few years, and now the whole house is up for sale for either $2.495 million (according to the Elliman listing) or $2.545 million (according to the Warburg listing). Either way, it's one of the priciest pads in East Harlem. The bottom unit is configured as a 2,366sqft 1BR/2BA duplex, and the top one is a 2,600sqft 1BR/2BA duplex with outdoor spaces and more configuration options. Check out an assortment of photos in the gallery above, and click through to the Elliman listing for many more.
· Listing: 236 East 111th Street [Elliman]
· Listing: 236 East 111th Street [Warburg]
· Dwell: 236 East 111th Street townhouse [Harlem Bespoke]

236 East 111th Street

236 East 111th Street, New York, NY