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Williamsburg's Bright Idea is Back, Baby!

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After an eternity of darkness, The Metropol, the name under which Williamsburg's bizarre stalled movie theater/condominium is now operating, finally turned the lights back on last night. The building, at 136 Metropolitan Avenue, traded hands earlier this year and will finally make its bow as rentals, a tipster reports:

Developer is putting the finish on the units and installing cookware into the ground floor space - last night they were testing the lights for the first time in years and the project manager tells me they're looking to open by the end of 2010 perhaps with a holiday screening special. There are 9 rental units and two retail spaces, one which will go to the theater and the other which will be leased separately.As for the theater, the Cassandra Cinema website is still active, but that Juno shoutout is awfully dated.
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