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Devonshire House Penthouse Off the Market, On the Way

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Inside the master suite.
Inside the master suite.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

Six former rental apartments in the Central Village's Devonshire House are being put through the luxury ringer and squeezed out as a single $12.5 million duplex penthouse. Back in May we journeyed to the top of the pre-war building at 28 East 10th Street to get a look at the start of the conversion process at Penthouse 12E, and last week, as promised, we went back to check up on construction. Though the 4,137-square-foot space is still pretty raw, we noticed some major differences from our last visit. Like interior walls! And some of those fancy custom Pella windows. Another change: The listing was temporarily pulled off the market in July. Stribling's sales team plans to bring it back at the same price in about a month, when they'll have a more polished product to show buyers. Work on the duplex should finish in November, and we'll have the "after" shots then.

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The Devonshire

28 east 10th street, New York, New York