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Pop-Tarts World Will Crumble for New Building and Plaza

The north side of 42nd Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway has the immaculate new Bank of America Tower. The south side of 42nd Street has, uh, Pop-Tarts World. But this dichotomy is about to change, the Post's Steve Cuozzo reports. Equity Office, the company that turned the former Verizon Building at 1095 Sixth Avenue green, is going to replace the Pop-Tarts World store and its neighbor with a public plaza and a new three-story retail building that stretches to 41st Street. The company's broker tells Cuozzo, "We're taking two horrible little buildings and reconfiguring them into a three-story building ideal for restaurant or entertainment use." Harsh, but sorry, Pop-Tarts sushi fans, the store was always supposed to be temporary. The plaza is expected to open in November, so Midtowners will have another place to wolf down their Cosi when Bryant Park is packed.
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