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Lincoln Center's $34.5 Million Floorplan Comes in Pairs

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Launched with a splashy New York Times story before the listing ever went public, the $34.5 million offering of the 5,200-square-foot Park Millennium penthouse is now on the market and open to prying eyes. Sadly, the pictures aren't as interesting as the jarring hotel-loungeness of the first released photo, but the floorplan certainly is. Information technology mogul Gideon I. Gartner combined three 56th-floor units to make this penthouse, and apparently he likes things to come in twos: kitchens, offices, master suite bathrooms, etc. And we were lying about the photos not being interesting. Check out the tiny table in the library. How are we supposed to comfortably read up on the latest information technology trends in there?

The slightly absurd $34.5 million asking price is more than twice the price of the Lincoln Center building's next most expensive apartment, a 4,800-square-footer on the 44th floor being sold by the owner of the Ottawa Senators. Is this penthouse worth an extra $17.6 million? Well, what we didn't know is that the Park Millennium is actually the name of the residential portion of West 67th Street's Millennium Tower, so Gartner's giant happens to count Howard Stern as a penthouse neighbor. Bonus or drawback?
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