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Greenpoint Wants Kenneth Cole's Pooping Homeless People Out

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So who hates their planned new homeless shelter more, Chelsea or Greenpoint? We're leaning towards Greenpoint, if only because the outcry is way more public. We've seen anti-shelter graffiti on the actual McGuinness Boulevard building, and now here comes the "Destruction of Greenpoint" literature. It has three different types of highlighting and underlining, so you know it's serious!

The writer of this flyer doesn't look too kindly on the charitable works of fashion designer Kenneth Cole and his wife, potential governor's sis Maria Cuomo (or Como, as the note says), saying the 200-bed shelter will single-handedly degentrify Greenpoint ("YOUR PROPERTY VALUE WILL GO DOWN") and make the streets unsafe for youthful frolicking. Well sheesh, it's not like the co-op board will allow the Coles to have it in their building! Anyone attend last night's meeting? We'd love to hear if angry neighbors expanded on the "pooping in our front gardens" fears.
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400 McGuinness Boulevard

400 McGuinness Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY