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East Village Among America's 25 Most Expensive Neighborhoods

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Sure, the glum economic times have soured the bragging rights that come with being included on Forbes' annual list of America's most expensive zip codes, but who doesn't sneak a curious peek to see if and where their neighborhood ranks? This year saw some turmoil at the top as 2009's #1, Alpine, New Jersey, was unseated by Duarte, California. Zip codes are ranked solely by median home sales prices, so we're not talking the most comprehensive of scientific studies. That being said, check out our local bank-breakers.

The West Village, or 10014 if you prefer, held on to its status as New York City's priciest zip, but fell two spots to #5 overall, with a $3.785 million median. Four more Manhattan zips made the Top 25, including the Upper East Side's 10065 (#7), Soho/Noho's 10012 (#9), Tribeca (#12) and, be still our beating hearts, the East Village (#22). Yes, the East Village's 10003 extends west to Fifth Avenue and north to 20th Street, so bits of other neighborhoods are included, but that still won't keep us from saying that Joey Ramone Place can now be considered among the likes of Park Avenue. Who wants to be sedated?
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