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Jean Nouvel's Brooklyn Bridge Barn Even More Revealed

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The Brooklyn Eagle has one again snagged a top-secret rendering of Jean Nouvel's carousel pavilion in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and once again the photo is even smaller than our desire to ride a fake horse around in circles. But the building that will house Jane's Carousel?the controversial antique whirligig restored and donated by Jane Walentas, wife of Dumbo developer David Walentas?will get a full reveal at a Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy fundraiser tonight, so we expect to get a better look soon enough. Until then we'll work with what we've got, and Nouvel's house o' horsies looks far less complicated than, say, his Vision Machine. We hope Nouvel's not implying that Manhattan condo buyers are more deserving than the children of Brooklyn!

The waterfront pavilion (in what was Empire-Fulton Ferry Park before the Brooklyn Bridge Park merger) might best be known for its light show effect, but the Brooklyn Eagle has more on what's on tap:

The square building designed by Nouvel has three of its four walls made of glass. The two side walls can be lowered for unobstructed viewing or kept in place during cold weather months or when it rains. To promote the idea of light and openness, there will be a large skylight over the carousel. The plan is for the building to be 72 feet wide and about 26 feet tall.The carousel is expected to open in its new home next summer, whether the Fun Police likes it or not.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jane's Carousel

Old Dock Street, Brooklyn, NY