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Lower Manhattan's Skull of Doom and Mysterious Barges

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WORLD TRADE CENTER?A tipster sends along this photo of 1 World Trade Center and simply adds, "skull of doom." Idea! Halloween's coming up. Haunted house? The Port Authority could raise some much-needed cash, and the safety waivers that people would have to sign adds a level of spookiness. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NEW YORK HARBOR?Help a Curbed reader solve a mystery! "I work in the New York Times building. A few days ago we saw a barge float down river with two large, "walls", for lack of a better word. Huge. Today we see a huge crane. Then we look out towards the statue of liberty and there are the two walls as well as a bunch of other barges in the middle of the NY Harbor. What's going on?" Another secret Serra? [CurbedWire Inbox]