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Columbia Removes Barbed Wire, Wins Over Inwood

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Way up at the tippy-top of Manhattan, Columbia University is starting to win over the locals who at first resisted the school's plan to expand its Inwood athletic facilities with a new Steven Holl-designed building. What changed? Well, according to DNAinfo, Inwoodites have finally realized that having that new waterfront park paid for by Columbia might be nice, but the real piece of goodwill came when Columbia removed a hated barbed-wire fence on West 218th Street.

Complaints about the 10-foot-tall fence had plagued Columbia during community meetings about the Campbell Sports Center, so two weeks ago they replaced it with a kinder, gentler barrier with manicured hedges. See, Manhattanville? Columbia isn't so bad. They'll have those hedges fixed up in no time, if only you'd cease to exist faster.
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Campbell Sports Center

218th Street and Broadway, New York, NY