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Old Bed-Stuy Eyesore Becomes New Bed-Stuy Condos

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The Bed-Stuy Blog has a thorough look inside The Sebastian, a new six-unit condo building at 467 Hancock Street with some low asking prices ($359K to $430K) and high-end touches (bamboo floors, 10-foot ceilings, roof deck, etc). The apartment photos are fine, but we're more amazed by the before-and-after look of the building itself. The Sebastian is the latest from a local Bed-Stuy development team that like to reclaim busted old buildings and condo 'em up (see the Shaker House). Check out how The Sebastian looked during its three decades of emptiness before the conversion.

· Sneak Peek at The Sebastian [Bed-Stuy Blog]
· The Sebastian [Official Site; warning: bad muzak]