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Wet 'n Wild Urban Planning Ideas Released for Public Consumption

We love a good play on words, and the Department of City Planning's Vision 2020?a big brainstorm of ideas on what to do with the city's waterfront over the next decade?works on so many levels that we're morally obligated to bring you all the latest news. And here it is: Vision 2020 has been unleashed! After oodles of community meetings and the like, City Planning has made its draft recommendations available for download. There are some bold ideas, but, sadly, probably no budget to carry them out. Still, we can dream!

Coverage of Vision 2020 has been popping up sporadically. Our Town focused on the proposals for a refurbished esplanade and improved pedestrian bridges on the East Side, while Battery Park City's Broadsheet Daily talked about South Street Seaport improvements and making the Battery Maritime Building more accessible. Sounds good! City Planning will submit a final draft of the Vision 2020 plan in December.
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