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Alert the Media, New 'Ground Zero Mosque' Renderings Unveiled!

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[Renderings by SOMA Architects. We swear. Look at the stamp. Please don't come after us.]

Congratulations, SOMA Architects, you are now America's most controversial architecture firm! Park51, the "Ground Zero Mosque," just released new renderings of its planned Islamic center at 45 Park Place in Lower Manhattan, a project you may have heard something about on television, in print, or at the family dinner table. There's an updated exterior shot and two interior renderings lacking any obvious extremist activity?though why are those people walking alone?!?and the innards kind of remind us of Jean Nouvel's Tower Verre, another building that has had some trouble getting off the ground. Even if Park51 never getting built, at least Fox News has some pretty new pictures to show in the background while Sean Hannity's face gets all red.
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45 Park Place

45 Park Place, New York, NY 10007