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Design Magazines Help Setai Fifth Avenue Show Off

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Midtown's Setai Fifth Avenue?the new tower that doesn't piss off the Empire State Building?is the setting for "Designer Visions," the fourth-annual show house extravaganza put on by publisher Hearst. Three apartments on the 58th floor of the condo/hotel have been turned over to home decor magazines and their interior design partners to outfit according to this year's theme, "Cinema Style." A virtual tour of the apartments goes online October 1 right here, but we've got some preview photos above. They focus on dishware and bedspreads and junk, but they also give us our first glimpse behind the jagged windows of the Gwathmey Siegel-designed limestone colossus. Like what you see? Good seats are still available, but they'll cost you.

Here's the lineup for Designer Visions: Cinema Style. The apartments will be open starting October 12 for parties and other snazzy events.

1) House Beautiful with Phoebe Howard - Something’s Gotta Give
2) Town & Country with Steven Gambrel - Six Degrees of Separation
3) Veranda with Richard Hallberg – Wall Street

It shouldn't be hard to recognize the Wall Street bathroom in the gallery. Note the special toilet paper.
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Setai Fifth Avenue

400 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY