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Getting Down with East River Promenade's Stairway to Nowhere

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Ever get the feeling that we're all just characters in a giant urban planning throwdown between the High Line and the East River Promenade? If so, let's award act XVII to the South Street Seaport area, which now sports the above, er, feature, as reported harder by NYC The Blog. "Just like an unfinished painting, this will all start to make sense as more work is completed, and these stairs likely 'get-downs,' or access point to get close to the river," NYCTB opines. To confirm this suspicion, we reached out to Gregg Pasquarelli, one of the forces of nature at SHoP that's overseeing the East River Promenade makeover. He emails: "The East River image is, in fact, a get-down. It's an amphitheater type seating area that allows you to get down closer to the water."

To recap: the East River Promenade now features a seating area that lets the alert participant descend a few feet closer to the swirling waters of the East River. Your move, Phase Two.
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