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Odd Land-Buying Opportunity of the Day: Under the High Line!

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Plans for the futuristic, Kanye-approved HL23?which might even get finished one of these days?originally included an art gallery underneath the High Line at 23rd Street. During the boutique condo building's construction, that space has housed HL23's "sales tin" and a variety of pop-up weirdness. Now it can be whatever you want, because the lot is on the market for $6.75 million. Well, not whatever you want.

The space measures 50' x 197' feet and will be delivered as vacant commercial land. Given that a big rail bed acts as the roof, the size of a new building will be somewhat limited. It's being pitched as retail, and that should do well, as the staircase up to the High Line's Phase II is adjacent to the site. Another bonus: The lot actually has its own address! It's 511 West 23rd Street, but we prefer to call it HL23's leftover scraps.
· Listing: Block-thru retail under the High Line [BHS]


515-17 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website