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Barclays Center Plaza: 'Travesty' or Future Landmark?

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The surprise of the Barclays Center plaza reveal isn't that Develop Don't Destroy's Daniel Goldstein came out of his buyout hiatus to pan the thing, it's that his review of the public space isn't even the most negative one. That honor goes to Post columnist Steve Cuozzo, who calls the plaza a "travesty" that is "singularly malevolent in its ugliness." He also thinks it's "more conducive to hosting a Crips-Bloods scrimmage than the intended upscaling of the neighborhood," but shouldn't the Latin Kings be granted public assembly permits as well? We don't want to discriminate.

Cuozzo could blame developer Bruce Ratner or SHoP Architects for the underwhelming design, but instead he saves his vitriol for Daniel Goldstein. The anti-Atlantic Yards lawsuits helped delay construction until the market soured, and Frank Gehry's arena-neighboring office tower planned for the site was tossed in the trash. Its smaller replacement is delayed indefinitely. "Goldstein failed to stop the project in the end, but delayed it long enough for Ratner to lose any chance of financing Gehry's vision," Cuozzo writes. Looks like all that Crips blood will be on your hands, Goldie!

As for the arena and the new plaza, it has its defenders, like Greg Pasquarelli, who, uh, helped design it. The SHoP partner tells the Post that when it's finally time to build the office tower and parts of the plaza have to be appropriated, he wouldn't be surprised if people start rallying to save the Barclays Center Oculus, the arena overhang's signature skylight/video screen doohickey. Look for coverage of that heated Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing on Curbed sometime around August 2163.
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Barclays Center

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