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Flatiron Hotel's New Look Revealed in NoChe (NoChe?)

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Move over Ace, NoMad, Eventi and all the rest?the latest new boutique hotel we're keeping an eye on in this part of town is the Flatiron Hotel at Broadway and 26th Street. Like most other buildings in the suddenly hot Flatiron/Chelsea/Wholesale District/NoMad neighborhood, the ground floor of the under-conversion Flatiron was dominated by junky discount stores. No longer. A tipster sent along the above photo of the post-renovation reveal (here's a "before" shot). Not too shabby, and there's a restaurant-du-jour and two-story fish tank to come. Meanwhile, about the neighborhood, which has yet to be slapped with a nickname that's stuck (though NoMad is currently the front runner). A tipster has a pretty catchy suggestion.

The proper concatenation of the area of Chelsea from W. 26th St. to W. 34th St. is "NO-CHE", for NOrth CHElsea, which sounds like the Spanish word for "night" and is especially appropriate as the No-Che district has a concentration of night clubs on it's western side.Not a bad idea, and one we've heard before. But this time we learned a new vocab word! (Conca-whatnow?) It's officially added to the mix. Any takers?
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