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Southampton Owner Waiting for CEO's $165K Rent Check; More!

The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) Over at 2170 Meadow Lane in Southampton (above), where Lazard co-CEO Matthieu Pigasse spent a night in August, the owner's still waiting for the $165,000 rent check. Trouble is, he never made Pigasse sign a contract. We're guessing that check's not in the mail.

2) A Curbed Hamptons tipster noticed earlier this week that there's been Secret Service stationed outside Bridgehampton's Windmill House. Do Clintons in residence validate the $14.995 million asking price?

3) After failing to sell his $40 million, then $35 million, East Hampton house, Jerry Della Femina lays down the law: if it doesn't sell by the end of the year, he will take it off the market.

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