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I.M. Pei's Architect Army Fights Newspaper Salesman

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A Brooklyn resident has it in for I.M. Pei's 88 Pine Street office tower, say the building's architects and tenants. What's his plan?blocking views? Bringing in a strip club? Er, actually, it's putting a newsstand on the sidewalk in front of the building's Wall Street Plaza entrance. Why is this a problem? "It's like someone squatting right in front of you," the building's owner explains to The Tribeca Trib. "This is an iconic building...It should be afforded a certain amount of dignity, which the construction of a newsstand would certainly damage. It just isn't right." Plus, it might make Matt Damon never want to shoot a movie in front of 88 Pine again!

Community Board 1 is hedging its bets by approving the newsstand but asking the Department of Consumer Affairs to move it to the building's sculpture garden instead. Hey, aren't newspapers and magazines mostly decorative these days, anyway?
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