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Original Twin Towers Steel Tridents Return to WTC Site

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Two big columns of steel salvaged from the north tower of the original World Trade Center have found their way back home and are now installed within the framework for the pavilion of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. In the dark of night on September 1st, workers trucked in the massive steel tridents, each weighing 52 tons and rising 70 feet when reassembled, and crews then craned them into place. These two tridents will greet visitors as they enter the glass and steel structure designed by Snøhetta that will serve as the gateway to the underground museum. Installation of the pavilion's steel frame is now in full gear, rising tall between the two memorial pools.

The singular lower portions of the tridents now reach up to just above the plaza level. Soon the upper segments, with the iconic triple prongs that created the ribbon of narrow columns wrapping around the Twin Towers, will be attached. Those pieces of steel are on site and awaiting installation, wrapped in white plastic and stored on the memorial plaza just to the east of the grove of White Swamp Oaks that were planted in the plaza a few days ago. There's no official word when the tridents will be fully visible.
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National September 11 Memorial and Museum

35 Church Street, New York, NY