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Williamsburg Condos Try on Some Art; Epic Craigslist Rental Rant

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WILLIAMSBURG?What's the best way to show off the natural light and 14' ceilings in a new condo building on Devoe Street? Easy: Devo concert! Sadly, that's not what this CurbedWire item is about. Instead, our friends at have decided to turn the building at 30 Devoe Street into a temporary art gallery. The units are being turned over to local artists, and Art Devoe will be open Saturday from noon-4, Sunday from noon-8, and by appointment after. Fun way to jazz up an open house, but do these tricks of the trade work? [CurbedWire Inbox]

FORT GREENE?Take a look at this Craigslist rental listing for an $1,850 one-bedroom apartment in Fort Greene. Does it make you angry? Probably not, but that's because there's a good chance you're not Brian Van, frequent Curbed commenter and terror of the blogosphere. He sent us his reserved take on the apartment:

The old-timey radio (but no television anywhere to be found), the obnoxious claustrophobia-inducing clutter on all surfaces of the apartment, there's just a random girl sitting at that desk who didn't move for any of the photos, there's a weird raven hanging from the ceiling along with all the strange animal photos (among posters for Nick Cave, James Brown, and Guns N Roses), the closets are practically exploding, they have a shag orgy rug for a couch (with all kinds of laundry strewn across)... and the most hideous item that ties it all together, the brownish striped blanket hung on the wall as the centerpiece. I bet it's an authentic Dave Matthews Band souvenir. Wouldn't be so bad if it just fell down into the fireplace one night... I don't even drink coffee anymore! Where's the hostility coming from!?!?!

Those folks can have whatever they want in their own apartment, but when it comes time to advertise for new renters, clean up! Aside from being the FAIL way to communicate an apartment's visual appeal... it looks like a photo gallery created by the Collyer Brothers, I don't even know what color the walls are... I think the juxtaposition of all those things is completely hilarious. There are so many mismatched items that are just funny to mention next to each other. Did you catch the Italian grandmother calendar picture above the oven range? And the crucifix + old school pic of Jesus on the mantle... that's directly across from the Patti Smith poster... and the three shelves of black boots out in the open...

We need to get these folks on some sort of reality show called "Your Taste Is Horrible". This story aside, I think that would be the most popular show in the history of television.

In other words, he'll take it! [BrianVanWire]