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New York City Neighborhoods Get Four-Legged Mascots

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Our neighborhoods have been turned into cupcakes and bagel sandwiches, and now, dog and cat breeds. Showing just how easy it is to stereotype different parts of the city, the American Kennel Club and Cat Fanciers' Association?don't act like you're not a card-carrying member?have come up with thumbnail summaries of different neighborhoods and assigned a dog and cat to represent each. We're supposed to vote on our favorite, but we're finding it impossible to decide. The descriptions are just too spot-on! For example, let's talk about all those stuck-up Park Avenue socialites, with their silky coats and serious grooming needs:

The women of New York City's Upper East Side are often portrayed as affluent "ladies who lunch" who are incredibly well groomed. Breeds that also can be a little high maintenance are the Poodle, which is known for its intelligence and serious grooming needs; and the people-loving American Curl, with its fashionably silky coat and fancy curled ears. OK, sorry, one more:Greenwich Village is the neighborhood that's been most closely tied to the image of the intellectual and bohemian creative type. Breeds that have a similar vibe are the Brussels Griffon, which is known for being highly intelligent, sensitive and sporting an arty little beard; and the loving and tolerant Selkirk Rex, with its plush and loosely curled, sometimes out-of-control coats (a good fit for someone not too buttoned down).Arty little beard! Sounds like a Williamsburg pooch, but sadly, all of Brooklyn gets lumped into one category: Dachshund and Havana Brown. Wait, did the American Kennel Club just call Brooklyn a little wiener dog? We think we've figured out our vote!
· Vote for the Dog and Cat Breeds That Best Represent New York [Paw Nation via DNA Info]