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Entire Apthorp Sales Team Quits Over Unpaid Commissions

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By all accounts, Prudential Douglas Elliman's Dolly Lenz pretty much saved the Apthorp's controversial condo conversion plan when she was brought in at the last second and helped sell the required amount of apartments by last summer's deadline. But a superbroker can only take so much, and with more Apthorp drama piling up, Lenz and her Apthorp sales team have resigned from the project, citing unpaid commissions. A tipster forwards along an e-mail sent by Lenz on Tuesday to the Feil Organization's Andrew Ratner (who took over management to try and right the Apthorp ship), which also CC's many other heavy hitters involved in the building's ownership and management:

Andrew, Further to our demand letter regarding unpaid commissions, it is with deep regret that we must inform you that effective immediately, we the undersigned hereby resign from The Apthorp condominium.

Additionally, due to a total lack of communication and direction, a continuing situation beyond our control, it has become increasingly clear that despite our best efforts we can not effectively discharge our duties with respect to the sales and marketing of The Apthorp condominium. This is negatively impacting our reputations, a situation which we can no longer permit to continue.

We will of course make ourselves available to ensure a seamless transition with whomever you designate going forward.

On behalf of the entire staff we wish you well in your future sales efforts.

Dolly Lenz
Brett Forman
Nicholas Polihros
Adam Vanderbrook

A call to the Apthorp sales office goes to voice mail. We've reached out to Lenz for a comment, and we'll update when we receive one. We'd say the same about the Feil Organization, but they just hung up on us. Where does the Apthorp go from here? Somewhere, surely. We don't call it "As the Apthorp Turns" for nothing, folks.
· All Apthorp coverage [Curbed] UPDATE: Prudential Douglas Elliman's communications team sends us this statement on behalf of the firm: "During Prudential Douglas Elliman’s tenure as the exclusive sales agent for the Apthorp, it sold more than $110,000,000 worth of units and enabled the developer to declare the Condominium Offering Plan effective. Notwithstanding Prudential Douglas Elliman’s success, its contract was expiring and the developer and Prudential Douglas Elliman mutually decided to end their relationship. In order to assist the developer, Prudential Douglas Elliman stayed on as exclusive agent, until the developer could find a replacement."

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