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Being a Doorman For Dummies

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Turns out there is a "school" for learning how to be a doorman. The Waldorf-Astoria has been hosting a "Doorman School" to teach future doormen about the finer aspects of the job. Just what do you learn? The goal is to perfect your "attitude, appearance, phone and elevator etiquette, and “the proper way to walk in a luxury environment” (briskly, with purpose and the right hand free to shake)" This includes the 18 (that's right, 18) scenarios in which to "properly" answer the phone before the third ring. Another fine point of the job, doormen shouldn't tell residents they need to do anything, “If you say, ‘You need to take the elevator to the third-floor fitness center,’ you’re already dictating,” said Romei. “Our rule is that in luxury, guests don’t ‘need’ to do anything. Instead, we say: ‘Please take the elevator to the third-floor fitness center.”

This school is not just about getting better at being a doorman, it's about self-satisfaction, at least according to the concierge at the Waldorf, who says “Giving good service is a feeling that can be as addictive as eating a piece of chocolate or drinking a fine wine" We're sure more than one doorman disagrees.

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