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Owners of Park51 site refused much higher bids

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The Post is reporting (so take it with a grain of salt) that the sellers of the PARK51 site turned down substantially higher offers than the accepted bid of $4.8 Million from Sharif El-Gamal. Kevin Glodek, according to the post, is a developer who had plans for a 60-story condo building and retail space, offered $18 million for the property back in 2007 (the Post claims he is a developer, but we can't find any information regarding it. We'll keep you posted with anything we find out about this character) . His deal with the sellers "disappeared" later that year and he now wonders if the El-Gamal deal was done under the table. Michael Falsetta, an appraiser and VP from Miller Cicero says "property in the area hovered between $250 to $290 a square foot. El-Gamal purchased the 45-47 Park Place property for the rock-bottom price of just over $100 per square foot." What thinks you, readers? [NYP]