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Reflecting on 3 Columbus; WTC Trident Complete; Babs on Mosque

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HELL'S KITCHEN?A well-placed top secret Curbed correspondent reveals the shocking real reason for that much-despised glassy facade facelift of 1775 Broadway, now known as foreclosure casualty 3 Columbus Circle: To create a great reflection of the Hearst Tower! We take back everything we've said about 3 Columbo. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WORLD TRADE CENTER?Last week we pointed out that the original Twin Towers tridents are at the site of the 9/11 Memorial, awaiting reassembly. Well, today one of the tridents became whole again. Meanwhile, at a 7 World Trade Center press conference, Mayor Bloomberg reiterated that the Memorial & Museum will be open for the tenth anniversary of the attacks next year. Continuing the back-on-track theme, a Bloomberg (news agency, not the guy) story says that all current World Trade Center construction could wrap up by 2014. [The Memo Blog/Bloomberg]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Speaking of the WTC, our long national nightmare of not knowing where Barbara Corcoran stands on the "ground zero mosque" controversy is over. Apparently she is taking a "liberal and heart felt view." Guess Sarah Palin will never buy an apartment through her. [@BarbaraCorcoran]