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Tight Deadline Leads to Top Dollar for Carroll Gardens Cutie

Creepy ornamental mannequins aside, we're way into this two-family Carroll Gardens townhouse at 449a Sackett Street. Sure, it just misses the magical 20' wide mark, but that is some serious lumber on those floors, and the farmhouse vibe in the kitchen makes us giddy for Pa to return home from the fields. According to its retired Corcoran listing, the 1.922sqft house went the "best and highest" route with a deadline of May 20th, which StreetEasy tells us is not longer after the place hit the market.

Did drawing that line in the sand help or hurt the bidding? Welp, the asking price was $1.15 million, and the closed sale just hit public record, coming in at $1.27 million. A bold play rewarded with ultimate victory. We're going to need a nap to deal with these tense real estate mind games.
· Listing: 449a Sackett Street [Corcoran]
· 449a Sackett Street [StreetEasy]

449a Sackett Street

449a Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY