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EVill Tenants to Neighbors: Stop Skateboarding on the Roof

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Spats over raucous rooftop parties are nothing new, but there are as many ways for tenants to tell each other to shut up as there are rooftop ragers. Our new favorite is this recently-posted note at 440 East Ninth Street, noticed by EV Grieve. This time, it's not just about noise, trash, and broken bottles!

"Surrounding neighbors are complaining about you every week and are ready to comply with management and law enforcement and photograph you during your next rooftop excursion. Since you can not the enjoy the roof like respectable adults, we request that you stay off of it. Your skateboards are ruining the rooftop material, weakening it. Stay off the roof or suffer consequences."

· Epic note puts 440 E. Ninth St. on notice [EVG]