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Iconic Jarmulowsky Bank Building Maybe on the Market (Yes, Again)

More consistent than the cycles of the moon or the release of another Saw movie is the occasional appearance of a real estate listing for the Jarmoulowsky Bank Building, the empty 99-year-old mini-tower at Canal and Orchard Streets in the Lower East Side/Chinatown DMZ. She's a beauty, but she's a tease. Sales and hotel conversion plans have fallen through over the years, and the most recent asking price was $37 million. That listing vanished, but Bowery Boogie notices a new one up on Craigslist, billing the site?which is now officially a landmark?as a ripe opportunity for a 130-room hotel. Reasons not to get too worked up: The listing already expired, and the building has been on and off the market roughly 26,000 times without a sale. More like Jarmulow-Zzzzzzz.
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