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Nautica Founder Takes Another $4M Off 610 Park Duplex

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Summer is over and it's time to get serious about selling some of those high-end apartments lingering on the market. Which means the Chopper's appointment book is probably full for the next few weeks. First stop: 610 Park Avenue, where Nautica founder David Chu and his wife, now residents of 15 Central Park West, have been trying to find somebody to take their 7,700-square-foot duplex penthouse off their hands. When it hit the market in March, the apartment was asking nearly $33 million, and its first chop brought it down to $29.8M. Post-Labor Day, the new ask is another $4M lower at $25.8M. Those savings should cover a few meals from Daniel Boulud's restaurant downstairs.
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610 Park Ave

610 Park Ave., New York, NY 10065