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New Condo Building Wants to Fill the Void in Astoria's Soul

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Location: 23-32 31st Drive, Astoria
Size: 10 units, 670 to 705 square feet
Prices: $369,000 to $420,000
Architect: JLS Designs Architecture
Developer: We don't know!
Sales & Marketing: Modern Spaces
Lowdown: We're predisposed to like any building that promises to "fill the void for the discriminating Astoria Condo buyer." And so we have Edge 31, a new Astoria condo with nine 1BRs on the market so far (and a name with what some might consider unfortunate associations). So what void needed filling in Astoria? The condos with pre-wired iPod sound systems, imported Italian tile, washer-dryers, storage, fitness center, and rooftop garden niche. Interior photos and exterior looks above, so hit us with your opinions.
· Listings: Edge 31 [Modern Spaces]
· Edge 31 at 23-32 31 Drive [StreetEasy]

The Edge 31

23-32 31st Drive, Queens, New York

Edge 31

23-32 31st Drive, Queens, NY