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What the Bronx's 'Chrismas House' Looks Like in the Offseason

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In the dark of winter, with Jack Frost nipping at our nose, the Garabedian family's Bronx home along the Pelham Parkway can seem pretty magical! It is, after all, lit by dozens of mannequins depicting such main Christmas characters as Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joan Collins and Nicole Kidman. But does the famed Christmas House?which has its own website, Yelp page and 2008 New York Times feature?hold on to that magic when Santa is plugging away in his workshop and all the figures are packed up? Not according to our photo tipster, who failed to recognize the place and wrote: "Here's a stunning display of outer borough decorative housing elements, not for sale, but one can dream." Looks like we know one person who's going on this year's naughty list!
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